CrewSafe® Face Shield


The coolest, most comfortable non-contact face shield on the market!

Sweat band? Doesn’t need one!
Adjustable strap? Doesn’t need one!
Frame to place on head? Doesn’t need one!

In response to the requirements for social distancing and Personal Protective Equipment needed for people in essential industries prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed our original and weightless CrewSafe® Face Shield. Our innovative design makes this PPE simple to assemble and easy to wear.
Specifically designed for everyday wear whether:

  • Public Spaces
  • Social settings
  • Playing outside
  • Sports or team activities
  • Workers in many essential industries

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Easily slides onto the brim of your favorite baseball cap
  • Can be worn with a face mask and/or eyewear
  • No-contact design is lightweight and extremely comfortable
  • Complies with CDC guidelines for face shield PPE
  • Does not obstruct facial communication
  • Does not hinder eating or drinking
  • Shield can slide back and forth along the brim of the hat so it can be worn at a comfortable distance from face
  • Shield material is resistant to abrasions
  • Easy to store and clean